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Saturday, 9 August 2014

More crafts!!

I am so enjoying the long summer holiday and spending a lot of time being crafty and making things I don't normally have the time nor energy for.

This week I have made floral pinwheels using some vintage paper I found in the range for £1. They are very easy to make and look really effective displayed individually or as a group (always in an odd number, just a little styling tip I've picked up along the way!) 

You simply mark the middle of the square and cut the four corners up to a third of the way in towards the middle. Then fold over alternate corners and pin. I sewed mine together as I didn't have any push pins and wanted to attach a button to the front. I used a straw for the tube part as they do them in some lovely designs now. 

I'm really pleased with them and think they look very vintage! The possibilities are endless using different patterned paper or fabric, different straws and fixings in the middle, ooh my brain is fizzing!! 

I brought a wicker basket from the car boot for a few pounds a while back, and have been undecided about what to do with. I contemplated painting it, but felt that would ruin the vintage style of it. So I came across a blog showing how to make a liner for a basket with handles (the blog is called 'ruffled sunshine'). It was really easy to follow, so I grabbed some material I had left over from another project and some lovely bias binding I wasn't sure what to do with and: 

I'm really pleased with it and it will hold all my supplies while I teach myself to crochet! I'm going to spend Sunday afternoon watching YouTube vids and reading my 'crochet for dummies' book so watch this space peeps!! 
Happy weekend all,
Love,sian 💕💕


  1. I stumbled across your Instagram, which led me to your Blog, and I just had to say how lovely your house is, and all the lovely crafts you've made. They are fantastic! x

    1. Thank you so much hannah! I've always been interested in crafts and creativity but it's only been the last year that I've really got into it xx