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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hello dolly!

Well I have my vintage 1950s larder, and she is home and well (after a very traumatic getting her into the car....but that's another story). 
Her name is dolly and I am in love with her! She's in great condition, so I'm not going to paint her. All I've done so far is put fablon (woo hoo) onto the drop down shelf and am going to make a floral curtain to hang behind the glass.
What I love most about dolly is hearing people's stories about their nan who had one at their house and how many memories it evokes for people. That is why I say no to new and love vintage as it always comes with a tale to tell and revives a memory for someone which might be long lost. 

On a more sour note I went to the car boot this morning and brought...nothing. I am not happy, I've never come away without finding treasures. I'm wondering if my car boot luck has run out.....😳😳😳😳

Here are some pics of dolly:

Have a lovely weekend all, last bank holiday of the year for us Brits! 
Love, Sian 💕💕

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