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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Dressmaking adventures!

Oh I've neglected my little blog lately!! School is back in full swing and I haven't got time to eat lunch, let alone blog but I'm determined to try and have a normal life in the evening and at weekends! 

I started sewing again in the last couple of weeks, and am really pleased with my latest creation. The last couple of dresses I made were not great and I'd lost a bit of my dressmaking mojo, but it's back with a vengeance! 

I got a free pattern with 'love sewing' magazine and thought I'd give it a go with a vintage curtain from a car boot which cost me about 50p. 

It's a great pattern with a zip and a circle skirt. 
This was rt way through, the back wasn't finished and it needed hemming. I finally mastered all in one facing, which once I understood it, is so easy to do! Definitely worth watching a video or two on YouTube for this, one I watched really helped me, a definite 'eureka' moment!! 

Here is the finished dress styled: 

I am really really pleased with it!! It fits perfectly and is more flattering than other dresses I've made! Not bad for a 50p curtain hey?! 

I'm using the same pattern again using a vintage Sanderson navy fabric which is gorgeous! 

Here's a sneak preview of my work in progress:

 I'll keep you posted, but it's after 8.30pm so time for bed (ah, the life of a teacher!) 

Love, Sian 💕💕